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1. Technology adoption in enhancing organizational strategy.
2. Utilizing the balanced scorecard to evaluate IS/IT use in an organization.
3. Achieving competitive advantage using IS’s.
4. Decision making and its role in enhancing organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

Notes for BPIN3053

Chapter 1 : Business Driven Technology

Chapter 2 : Identifying Competitive Advantages

Chapter 3 : Strategic Initiatives for Implementing Competitive Advantages

Chapter 7 : Storing Organizational Information - Databases

Chapter 9 : Enabling the Organization - Decision Making

Chapter 10 : Extending the Organization - Supply Chain Management

Chapter 12 : Integrating the Organization from End to End - Enterprise Resource Planning

Chapter 14 : E-business

Chapter 16 : Integrating Wireless Technology in Business

Chapter 17 : Developing Software to Streamline Operations 

COM3043 : Assignment 2

Submission Date : 23 March 2015 (Monday)
#Marks will be deduct for late submission

Question 1

            * FCFS
            * SJF
            * RR
            * PRIORITY

Question 2 
            * READER WRITER
            * SLEEPING BARBER

Question 3
            * FIFO
            * OPTIMAL
            * LRU
            * SECOND CHANCE

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Friday, February 20, 2015

MIS2023 : Assignment 2

Submission Date : 23 March 2015 (Monday)
#Marks will be deduct for late submission

Question 1
In what ways can shopping over the Internet be more convenient for consumers? In what ways can it be less convenient? List at least five products you would have no hesitation buying over the Internet, five products you might want to think about a bit before buying and five products you would never consider buying over the Internet. Justify your reasons in each case.

Question 2
You are talking with another student is complaining about having to learn about the systems development life cycle, because he is not going in an IT development. Would you agree with this student? What would you say to him to convince him that learning about the systems development life cycle is important no matter where he works?

Question 3
The issue of pirated software is one that the software industry fights on a daily basis. The major centers of software piracy are in places like Russia and China where salaries and disposable income are comparatively low. Given that people in developing and economically depresses countries will fall behind the industrialized world technologically if they can’t afford access to new generations of software, is it reasonable to blame someone for using pirated software when it costs of two month’s salary to buy a legal copy of MS Office? What approach could software companies use to combat the problem apart from punitive measure like pressuring the government to impose sanctions on transgressor?

Question 4
Research the Web for automatic speech recognition (ASR) systems. Make a list of the ones you find. What are the prices of each? Are they speaker-independent or speaker-dependent? Do they support continuous speech recognition? What sort of add-on vocabularies can you purchase? How comfortable would you feel speaking the contents of a term paper as oppose to typing it? Would you have to be more or less organized to use speech recognition as oppose to typing? Why?

COM3053 : Assignment 2

Submission Date : 23 March 2015 (Monday)
#Marks will be deduct for late submission

Question 1
Research recruiting and retention strategies at three different companies. What distinguishes one company from another in this area? Are strategies such as signing bonuses, tuition reimbursement and business casual dress code standard for new information technology workers? What strategies appeal most to you?

Question 2
Create a stakeholder management strategy using Table 10-1(in textbook) as a guide. Assume your organization has a project to determine employees’ training needs and then provide in-house and external sources for courses in developing communications skills for employees. Stakeholders should be various levels and types of employees, suppliers, the human resources department in charge of the project and so on. Determine at least five specific stakeholders for the project and be creative in developing your potential management strategies.

Question 3
Find an example of a company that took a big risk on an information technology project and succeeded. In addition, find an example of a company that took a big risk and failed. Summarize each project and situation, where you should discuss whether you believe that anything besides luck makes a difference between success and failure.

Question 4
Search online for samples of IT contracts. Use search phrases like “IT Contract” or “sample contract”. Analyze the key features of the contract. What type of contract was used and why? What are the main types of goods and services being outsourced? Why are the organizations in the article choosing to outsource? Have the organization in your article benefited from outsourcing?